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                  Wire rope sling is a kind of special rigging,its main componet is wire rope,which is under deep processing and integrated with various connecting parts according to the requirements of lifting.lt features in highload,good wear resistance,high tensile strength,long service life and accurate length etc.ln addition,it requires not too much for environment.The processing methods for wire rope sling include:endless preparation ,pouring,pressing,and splice etc.So far,the wire rope sling is widely applied in harbor,power,steel &iron,petroleum,shipbuilding,aviation and aerospace etc.Aofa can provide wire rope slings of various specifications with the diameter between 6mm and 360mm.Meanwhile,we can according to the demand of the customers,design and produce the wire rope slings adaptable to various lifting environment and requirements in the shortest time.ln addition,it can provide provide crane-dedicated wire ropes,Non-rotating multi-strand wire ropes and series of brightwork wire ropes and galvanized point-contact series wire ropes.

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